Consumer Product Comparison and Social Media

Comparing apples to apples and well, everything else is pretty easy these days thanks to the internet. Back before we could research a product or service at the touch of a button, we had to rely on word of mouth (still very powerful), a consumer report reference or just taking the company’s testimonials page as truth. Thanks to the world wide web, we have access to so much.  Not only can you compare the features and benefits from one product to another but the reviews are priceless. Social media has helped pave the way for customers and potential buyers become more informed in their purchasing decision. Two main aspects that influence these decisions are customer reviews and popularity of a brand on various social media platforms.

Customer Reviews

Think about how many times you have or haven’t purchased something based on customer reviews. They are so powerful. Things you might not have even thought of now become a factor after reading the reviews and you’re thankful for that foresight. Most of the time you can sift through the reviews of people who just like to complain. You can also see how a feature that you’re weighing your decision to purchase heavily on has either poor, mixed or favorable reviews. When people see that there is room for improvement in a product, they leave a review. When consumers have had their expectations exceeded, they also leave a review. This is very powerful to the business’ bottom line. Amazon is a great example of customer review-driven sales. Facebook, Yelp and more also provide very valuable feedback to researching consumers.

Brand Popularity

A friend of mine was in need of a photographer for an upcoming event. After asking friends on social media for recommendations, she decided to check out all the websites from the recommendations. One photographer, in particular, stuck out because she had a Facebook business page with thousands of ‘likes’ for this page which were considerably more than all the other photographers. Even more interesting, this was her primary web presence– she didn’t have a website, only a FB page. Since it’s harder to solicit likes to your business’ social media page than it is to put up dubious testimonials on a website, this won my friend’s business. Oh, the power of social media!

socail mediaAll in all, customer reviews and brand popularity play a huge role in sales and business. Having easy access to do comparison shopping all while researching brands really puts the power in the consumer’s hands. Having a website is a great way to showcase your products or services and more information on your brand. Although having a solid social media presence with engagement can also complete the sales cycle very effectively.

What has internet marketing done for businesses?

The internet is a trending element in the world we are living. It is widespread and the bigger part of world’s population is using it even for unbelievable and unfathomable purposes to better their lives. Businesses highly depend on it for a number of reasons and the outcome they get is worthwhile. Here are a number of things that the internet has done for businesses:

Internet Marketing

Rapid growth of the business

Increasing growth is the very first thing that the internet does to a business. Internet usage is very high and once a business or company markets or posts about itself, there is a very high likelihood of it going viral. Search engine optimization (SEO) for a business should be done to increase the chances of the public having to view it. If more people view a business’ website, the aftermath is likely to be attracting more clients in need of the goods or services offered by it.

Reduced maintenance cost for the business

Advertising is an expensive activity. It is essential for every focus-based business. However, using the internet to market your company can be cheaper than using other traditional agents of advertising such as newspapers and yellow pages. You actually pay for the space used and an additional visual element is further added to the expenses. At times, using some internet tools of marketing can be actually free; all you need is a good internet connectivity to upload photographs or graphics and texts that explain what your business delivers. Speaking of viral, YouTube videos can also have a very positive impact on your company’s marketing strategy. Having one catchy video or one that speaks to its target audience can dramatically increase the impact and presence a company has on the internet space. Take this SEO company in San Antonio for instance, they are using a social platform to reach their customers. They are also very savvy in their approach as they use multiple mediums and social platforms to reach their customer base.

Creation of healthy competitions between businesses

The popularity of a business is key in terms of market competition. If more people view your company’s website, then it gets a higher rating and its competitors actually see that online and hence work harder to reach the top. There is also a higher accountability level while using the internet to market business. The number of viewers or visitors to your site is put in the online record where everyone using the internet is exposed to.

Easy tool for communication

A company benefits a lot from the internet in terms of communicating with the public, both active and potential.  A very good example is the electronic mailing. E-mails are fast and efficient so a client can enquire and get a faster response than if they used the traditional mailing of using postal boxes. Social sites such as Twitter and Facebook are also very effective. If one tweets or leaves a comment about the company, it will be noticed by many people. A firm can make use of contributions by fans to improve its image.